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How I got Pi fever

December 28, 2012

D – A few months back I was reading a computer or engineering magazine (I forgot which one it was) that had an article about a new educational computer that a foundation at Cambridge University in England created. The article described the features and eventually revealed the 25$ price tag. Come again? Just 25 bucks for something that can do all that? WOW! I had to have one! I got Pi fever!

Time went by and I was still interested in the Pi, especially now that model B had Ethernet and two USB ports. The slightly higher price tag at 35$ was fair for the added features. Then it got later in the year and my wife and I were wondering what we could get our boys for Christmas. The older one is ‘into computers’ and he likes making things with his SnapCircuits kits. He also likes putting soldering kits together and he asked me more than once for a blank DVD to put a new Linux distro on. Hmmm, electronics, Linux, computers….the Pi should be the perfect fit without breaking the bank.

I did find Element 14 / Newark to be the distributor for the US and they have starter kits of various kinds. I got the medium one for myself and the Adafruit kit for my son. I will write at a later point about what the kits contained and my experiences for shopping around. The parts of the kits came in bit by bit and eventually I had everything together a week before Christmas. While it was nice to have my son open up the box with the real thing rather than just an envelope with a promise on paper it also meant that I had to wait as well. There would have been no way to hide my Pi. Glad the waiting time is over! And now both my son and I have Pi fever!


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