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Buy the Pi with a kit

December 30, 2012

D – I highly recommend buying the Pi as part of a kit. I looked around for power supplies and found that most of them are either too wimpy (less than 1A for the 5V output) or were labeled “For use with Amazon Kindle” which made them cost a fortune. There is also a need for other hardware and accessories such as a network cable (unless you have a bunch accumulated over the years) an HDMI cable, SD/SDHC card, enclosure, etc. When I got our kits from Newark there was also a moderate, but still welcome saving when buying everything together. Unless you have the additional hardware already in the abyss of your too good to throw away box (come on, everyone has at least one of those and count yourself lucky when it really is just one!) getting the kit is the way to go. You also can rest assured that the hardware that comes with the kit will work with the Pi.

As of today Newark offers two kits and an assortment of accessories, the link to the Pi page is…../rasp-pi-accessories.jsp&ICID=HP-Raspberrypi-Accessories

Adafruit Industries offers currently two packs, the Pi Starter Pack (includes the Pi), which is the same kit I got for my son. There is also the Budget Pack (does NOT include the Pi, need to order that extra!)

MCM Electronics has a few kits for every budget posted at

ModMyPi offers also an array of kits, but they ship from Great Britain and the kits can be bought with or without Pi. They also offer wall outlet adapters for the EU (SchuKo) or the US (the two flat prongs). Shipping for the Ultimate Kit is around 30$ and more than affordable.


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