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Hardware and Accessories we found to be working or not working with the Pi

December 30, 2012

D – Here is a list of hardware / accessories that we tried with the Pi and found to be either working, not working, or being a hit or miss (which isn’t that much better than not working). Before you browse through the list below you can get a more complete list (as tons of other info) from the Pi hardware wiki pages at I will look into submitting my findings to the eLinux wiki.

Working Hardware and Accessories


Samsung SyncMaster 226BW

Hanns-G HL203

Samsung 32″ TV LN32B360C5DXZA



Kaybles HDMI to DVI converter cable, model HDMIDVI-6BK


Any Ethernet cable


Any 3.5 mm connector audio cable

KVM Switch

Monoprice KCF-131DA – 3 port DVI KVM with audio and PS/2 to USB converter


Logitech K260 wireless keyboard

Cherry G80-1000 (DIN connector, using PS/2 adapter and PS/2 to USB converter)


Apple Pro mouse (comes with the iMac)

Logitech M210 wireless mouse

Labtec corded USB mouse

Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical

SDHC Cards

Kingston 8GB micro SDHC card with adapter

Samsung 4GB SDHC card

Dane-Elec 4GB SDHC card

Power supplies

MCM In One –  5V @ 1A micro USB power supply, part number 28-13055

Fu-Yang FY0501000 – 5V @ 1A USB power supply with USB to micro USB adapter cable


BUD Industries Pi Box

Adafruit Pi Box

USB Hubs

IOGear GUH227 – 7 port powered USB 2.0 hub

Hard Drives / Enclosures

Toshiba 40 GB 2.5″ IDE drive with Rosewill RX81U-ES-25B IDE to USB 2.0 enclosure


NOT Working Hardware and Accessories


BYTECC BT-2000 PS/2 to USB Adapter – we have two and they work fine on PCs, but not at all on the Pi – UPDATE: This one works fine when used in combination with the Monoprice KCF-131DA KVM switch.


Hit or Miss Hardware and Accessories

USB Hubs

Newpoint powered 4 port USB hub (5V @ 2.1 A power supply) – fix is to re-plug the USB cable between hub and Pi at the USB hub itself, more of a hit than a miss, K claims that the hub is wonky even on other computers, so it might just be on its way out (it is about 10 years old)


Apple Pro keyboard (came with the iMac) – drops key presses and often repeats characters (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…), which is especially annoying when it picks the Enter key, works OK when nothing else is available and the problem might be fixed once the USB driver is improved (to be worked on in 2013 by developers of the Pi Foundation – thank you in advance!)

PS/2 to USB Converters

Converter built into the Monoprice KCF-131DA switch. It works, but with my keyboard (Cherry G80-1000) the amount of dropped or repeated characters is incredibly annoying, but that is true for any PC connected to the switch. I stopped using the built-in converter and run the keyboard through the BYTECC BT-2000 PS/2 to USB converter. There are still at times a few stuck or dropped keys, but it is a rare occurrence and typically only when typing fast.

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