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This is our first blog. We are a father and his son and we both got a Raspberry Pi. We play around a lot with computers and dabble at times with Linux. Still, The Pi is new to us and so is blogging. We will figure it out, both the Pi and blogging. This blog will document the adventures that we will have with the Pi and hopefully it helps others who find that a 35$ computer is just an incredible engineering feat. So, from now on we use Pis.

Blog posts prefixed by a D are from dad, prefixed with a K are from son (and yes, we know that son starts with an “s” and not a “k”).

In case you do not know what the Raspberry Pi is have a look here:

Lastly, hopefully enough of a disclosure to not get sued: Any brand names are the property of their respective owners and are used here exclusively for reference. Any links to external sites are solely provided for informational purposes. We do not take on any responsibility of the content of the external sites. All posts are based entirely on our experiences and are entirely subjective. We share our opinion and have no intention whatsoever to negatively impact the business or reputation of any company and their products. Any criticism is to be taken as friendly suggestion from hobbyists.


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